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Archive photograph of Marson Fabrics founder…

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We think this old photograph dates from 1964, most likely at Interstoff (Trade fairs looked different then!) It shows the original founder of Marson Fabrics, Mr Marcus, negotiating with an American agent. We’ve shared this photo with Tony Singer (retired MD and past owner) who confirms that Mr Marcus was a smooth-operating cigar man. We wonder what qualities of fabrics were being discussed? Marson Fabrics are known for offering fashion forward fabrics, developed to be this season’s winners, but we’re talking 1964 here, so maybe it was some lovely crimplene???

Tony believes that the agent is still working…If you see this, Mr American Agent, let us know who you are!

On The Move

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Marson Fabrics are on the move. We are moving from Hanson Street to Tottenham Court Road. That’s not far from our current location, but we’ll enjoy a bit more space, and so can our customers who visit us to view the Spring-Summer 2014 ranges we have developed!
We’ll be settled in on 9th December, and if you need to know our postal address it’s:

1st Floor, Queens House, 180 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7PD

Our telephone numbers remain the same, so if you have a contact record, the phone details won’t need changing.

We look forward to welcoming customers to our new offices soon. Lots of great ladies apparel fabrics have been developed for the new season, across all qualities; Print, Woven and Knit.

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics 2013

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Marson Fabrics enjoyed the international trade fair in Shanghai 21st-24th October 2013. It was a busy 4 days meeting lots of people from around the globe. It’s the largest apparel textile fair and this was our debut in the main hall. If you came to chat with us, we enjoyed your company and hope you enjoyed seeing the selection of ladies fashion fabrics we have been developing. We took the opportunity to show those fabrics across print, woven and knit qualities that demonstrate Marson Fabrics’ commitment to innovation and production expertise.

Here’s Chris, David and Sarah from London, and Shelley from China awaiting doors-open! You can see our KHM banner alongside Marson Fabrics. Shelley looks after our China office known as KHM. All enquiries through our website reach us here in London, and we’ll put you in touch with KHM if that is appropriate for you.


Welcome to our Blog

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Our first blog post! Marson Fabrics web pages describe our commitment to design, innovation and quality production for ladies apparel fabrics. Our blog aims to offer some insight into all of the expertise we employ to ensure we deliver great bulk fabrics. So watch these pages and Marson Fabrics will share how we manage all steps in our trading relationships; that’s quality control with our main lab partner Intertek,  shipping and transport from the Far East and Turkey, what’s coming in to our Harlow warehouse here in the UK, and how we can get your goods to you, or to your manufacturers.

What we want you to know is that we choose our trading partners carefully so that our logistics are reliable, which means great customer service is the norm.